Data deduplication technology tutorial: A guide to data deduping and backup

In this data deduplication technology tutorial, learn about what to look for in a data dedupe product, inline vs. post-processing dedupe, and global deduplication in backup.

By Dave Raffo, Senior News Director

Data deduplication is now a common feature across all disk backup products, with practically every major enterprise data storage vendor offering at least one data deduplication product.

But a wide choice of data deduplication options require more homework and more decisions on your part -- do you want target-based data dedupe or source-based data dedupe? What's the difference between inline and post-processing deduplication? Should you go with a virtual tape library (VTL) or network-attached storage (NAS)? And will your backup load require global deduplication?

In this data deduplication technology tutorial, we look at all of those alternatives and take a look at some of the most significant deduplication backup products. Learn about global data deduplication, what to look for in a data deduplication product, inline vs. post-processing deduplication, and more.

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