Deduplication backup basics for small businesses

To help SMBs implement deduplication backup in their environments, we've collected our top tips and articles on data deduplication technology.

Data deduplication is one of the hottest and must-have technologies in the storage world today. Deduplication backup helps to reduce the amount of storage backed up by getting rid of redundant data, and it can also reduce storage costs. And for those companies that haven't implemented data deduplication into their backup systems yet, the interest is certainly growing. According to Fall 2010 Storage magazine/ Purchasing Intentions survey, "dedupe is in use at 25% of companies, and another 29% will implement data dedupe this year." And in regards to their specific deduplication backup spending plans, 38% of respondents said they would spend more on dedupe, while 33% predicted they would maintain their current spending levels.

For small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), deduplication backup has the same benefits as it does for larger organizations. So to help SMBs looking to implement dedupe technology into their backup environments, we've collected our top tips and articles. Find out how to evaluate deduplication products for SMBs; see how dedupe software can help solve remote backup problems; get the scoop on global deduplication; take a closer look at target-deduplication appliances; test your knowledge with a dedupe quiz; and download a guide on how to implement deduplication technology. And for more information on deduplication backup for SMBs, visit our section on SMB backup.

Evaluating data deduplication products for SMBs

There are several different types of data deduplication products SMBs can choose from, and they include hardware/software compression, file deduplication, block/variable block deduplcation, delta block optimization, application-aware dedupe, in-line dedupe, post-processing dedupe, backup software, NAS appliances and VTL deduplication. This tip examines the strengths and weaknesses of each deduplication approach. Read the full tip on evaluating data deduplication products for SMBs.

Data deduplication software solves remote backup problems for Loomis

Cash management firm Loomis installed both EMC Corp. Avamar dedupe software and EMC Data Domain appliances to help with its remote backups. Data deduplication software helped Loomis in three ways: It cut backup windows; made file restores got faster; and it gave them business continuity benefits. Read the full story on how data deduplication software can solve remote backup problems.

Global data deduplication explained

We know that organizations can benefit from deduping their data, so what can global deduplication add to the mix? Could that potentially deliver more efficiency if you have large amounts of data? Find out what the difference between global deduplication and local dedupe is, as well as when global dedupe matters for your backup environment. Read the full article on global data deduplication.

A look at target-based deduplication appliances

There are a number of different ways you can choose to dedupe your data, and target deduplication is a popular option. This tip looks at the pros and cons of target dedupe, the differences between source and target dedupe and what the main features in target deduplication are. Read the full tip on target-based deduplication.

Deduplication explained: A quiz on data dedupe

You may know that data deduplication is a great technology to use to reduce your storage space, but do you have a good idea of how it works and the details behind it? This quiz will test your knowledge on the basics of data deduplication technology. Click here to take the quiz on data dedupe.

Implementing deduplication technology: A free guide

If you know deduplication is essential for your storage environment and still haven't utilized it, this guide will help get you up to speed with deduplication. Get the scoop on the fundamentals of deduplication, what global deduplication can do for your environment, how source deduplication works and a get list of primary storage data reduction tips. Read the full guide on implementing deduplication technology.

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