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Essential tips for making VMware backups

Before tackling a VMware backup, read up on some of the best practices - and how to avoid the potential pitfalls - using some of our essential tips.

Before tackling VMware backups, read up on some of the best practices - and how to avoid the potential pitfalls - using some of's essential tips.

VMware backup software and a vSphere backup solution checklist

If you're shopping for a new VMware vSphere backup tool, there are many things you should take into account when deciding among the different VMware backup solutions on the market. In this tutorial, we look at the questions you'll face when choosing VMware backup software. Then, you can download our free VMware backup solution checklist.

Backing up VMware virtual machines: Free chapter download

What good is a VMware environment without a good backup strategy? We've posted a chapter download from VCP4 Exam Cram: VMware Certified Professional, 2nd Edition by Elias Khnaser explores the different options for backing up VMware

Top five mistakes made when backing up VMs and how to prevent them

Creating backups in virtual environments isn’t as straightforward as it is in physical environments, and there are pitfalls you may encounter due to the unique nature of virtual environments. In our tip, learn how to efficiently create VM backups and avoid common mistakes.

This was last published in January 2012

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