Tape backup and tape libraries

  • The move to LTO-4 is no stampede

    Over the last several years, successive generations of LTO technology have been embraced, each increasing density and read/write speeds as the underlying technologies improved. This article takes a look at the relatively slow adoption of LTO-4 tape ...  Continue Reading

  • Enterprise-class tape library purchase considerations

    Tape remains the quintessential backup technology for many organizations, offering relatively low media costs, broad backup software support, and convenient offsite storage potential for disaster protection. But picking the best tape library for ...  Continue Reading

  • Enterprise-class tape library specifications

    The following product snapshots highlight key specifications for a cross-section of enterprise-class tape library systems with a minimum of 100 TB of compressed capacity, SAN connectivity, and room for at least 100 tape cartridges in a base ...  Continue Reading

  • Purchasing backup software-based encryption

    Although there are advantages to encrypting data "at the tape," it can wreak substantial impact on your existing backup process. You will need to upgrade the tape drives themselves, update device drivers, change drive settings in your backup ...  Continue Reading