• Quick tutorial on evaluating CDP products

    Here are the factors storage administrators must be aware of in order to evaluate continuous data protection (CDP) products.  Continue Reading

  • Tutorial on purchasing virtual tape libraries

    VTLs provide the benefits of disk storage in a system that emulates a tape library to existing backup software. If you're selecting a VTL, here is the criteria for evaluating VTLs, as well as a series of specifications to help you compare products ...  Continue Reading

  • Backup software product specifications

    Backup and replication software are powerful tools used to protect data against loss due to hardware failure, natural disasters, and other problems. Features like encryption, key management, compression, data de-duplication, WAN support and content ...  Continue Reading

  • CDP platform specifications

    Continuous data protection (CDP) products track changes to files and data -- typically in real time -- recording activity and allowing recovery to an extremely granular level. This effectively reduces backup windows and restore points, allowing busy...  Continue Reading

  • Backup software purchase considerations

    Backup software is a crucial part of the backup process, organizing and managing the flow of data from its source(s) to a suitable backup target. Today's backup software often includes compression and data deduplication features to shorten backup ...  Continue Reading