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Data growth and backup windows continue to challenge IT professionals

Data growth continues to be the No. 1 backup challenge for attendees of Backup School Hits the Road with independent backup expert W. Curtis Preston.

SearchDataBackup spoke with five attendees of the seminar in Waltham, Mass., on March 12. The attendees were from organizations of a variety of sizes and had diverse backup needs.

In addition to data growth, one of the biggest concerns organizations are facing is increasing backup windows. One organization has a backup job that can take up six to seven hours to complete. They currently use a disk-to-tape backup method, but are looking to switch to disk-to-disk-to-tape, and adding in data deduplication to reduce the amount of data being backed up and to shorten their backup window.

Kevin Baumann, who's in charge of backup operations at Akamai, is also looking to reduce his backup windows by backing up less data with deduplication. "I've heard Data Domain is good, and Quantum is OK, so I'm here today to talk to some of those guys," he said.

Another backup challenge he faces is backing up 70 TB of data -- logs that are already compressed and can't be deduped. He wants to investigate a disk-based backup solution for this data.

The city of Manchester, New Hampshire's biggest backup challenge is email archiving vs. backup. They are looking to speed up the retrieval of emails, particularly if they are faced with an investigation. It can take up to three weeks to restore an email account with their current system.

Each attendee shared specific challenges, but almost all said that data growth was their biggest challenge; many said they were investigating deduplication.

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