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Plan for data backup problems, and know cloud's limits

When it comes to backup and recovery, what can go wrong will go wrong.

"What we see typically is backup windows are missed. I'm going to say something a little different. Just plan on them being missed," said George Crump during his presentation at Storage Decisions in discussing backup problems. "Here's another one: Plan on backup jobs failing."

Crump said that getting 100% perfection for every data protection measure in a large enterprise is "really hard." He said that environments should be built with the assumption that backup problems will appear at some point.

While cloud backup is now being pushed for DR, it has its limits, and services can vary widely from vendor to vendor. Crump gave an example of a cloud backup vendor who claimed any application could be run from the vendor's cloud and that their service could replace tape.

But the vendor does not offer a service-level agreement (SLA) to guarantee a customer's access to data and applications stored in the cloud.

"I'm not against disaster recovery in the cloud. I'm against being there forever if you don't want to be," said Crump. "And if you want to be, I want to have an SLA that says, 'Yes, your application is going to run perfectly well in the cloud.'"

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