Posey: Defend your continuous data protection solution

Most organizations today create backups of their data. However, surveys frequently show that many organizations do not feel confident about their DR strategy. In this Storage Decisions video, backup pro and Microsoft MVP Brien Posey explains some of the major ways to make offsite copies of your CDP data, such as disk-to-disk-to-tape, disk-to-disk-to-cloud and disk-to-disk-to-disk. 

"The reason it's so important to protect your continuous data protection solution is because your backup server itself can become a single point of failure," said Posey. "If you think about it, we got all these protected resources, and we got a backup server. If that backup server drops offline, you've lost your backups at that point if you don't have something else backing it up."

Posey also offers up some pointers for getting CDP agents back to work if you run into problems. Posey said one issue can be incorrect firewall settings, but IT pros should determine whether server time clocks are correct and that needed services are running before you activate your backup service. In addition, verify that your DNS records are accurate to prevent DNS mismatches.

"Most continuous data protection solutions out there are agent-based, and one of the things you might run into sometimes with agents is that they can be a little tricky to deploy," Posey said. "And a lot of times, the error messages that you get are of no help whatsoever."

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