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Preston: Benefits, concerns about near-CDP

In this Storage Decisions presentation, W. Curtis Preston, the founder of Truth in IT and BackupCentral.com, delves into the details of near-CDP.

As Preston referred to it, near-CDP "is just snapshots with replication. It's replication with snapshots made on the source system, and then replicated to the target system. And most of the time, this is done once an hour."

Preston said your recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) using near-CDP can be similar to those obtained by users relying on full continuous data protection.

"So, the RTO is the same as CDP, because basically I have a system over here -- it's a backup, but it's a production, ready-to-go, native copy of the data that I can just load as soon as I need it," said Preston, who added that RPO can be based on however often a snapshot is created.

Preston noted that the main concern with near-CDP is that data errors can still creep in.

"There is always the concern of rolling code problems. The rolling bug … screws up my primary and all my copies. That's why I still have this feeling I want some kind of backup that isn't from the primary vendor."

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