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Preston: How data growth impacts recovery point objective, RTO

Data growth is a concern that all storage pros have to deal with. Large amounts of data can have a direct impact on an organization's recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO).

In this presentation, W. Curtis Preston, backup expert and founder of Truth in IT, discusses some of the ways RTO and RPO can be affected as organizations are forced to back up ever larger amounts of data.

"The problem is, all these apps that create tons of data, they also tend to be tied with business systems that are very unforgiving of downtime," Preston said. "Some data -- for example, sales and shipping data used by an online retailer -- may not even be seen normally by humans in normal business operations. We are living in a world where data is being created that no one in our company has seen before," he said.

Preston noted that organizations can have little tolerance for system downtime, and that a restore time of even a few hours may be unacceptable. He said he had a client with millions of files and that creating a backup took days, largely because the file system had to be dealt with first.

In cases where hundreds of terabytes of data are being restored, getting all that material up and running again could take days or longer, he said.

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