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Preston: What's wrong with the backup status quo

Backing up data is one of the more common-sense practices in information technology. But simply storing large amounts of backup data somewhere isn't the solution to data protection by itself.

W. Curtis Preston, the founder of Truth in IT and Backup Central, explains in this Storage Decisions video some of the major concerns any IT storage pro should be worrying about with the backup status quo -- and it's not just backing up, but ensuring that restoring data will work, that should be in the forefront of any administrator's to-do list.

"They never remember the millions of backups that worked," said Preston. "They only remember the one restore that didn't."

He noted that organizations can often have too much data to back up, and the time it takes to restore that data might be an obstacle in and of itself. He noted that organizations need to have an established recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) in place, as well as certainty that any data restores will actually work correctly when they are needed.

"But then we got the two things that actually matter: RTO and RPO," he said. "Every decision you make about your backup and recovery system should be influenced by RTO and RPO. And if you're doing things to shrink the backup window but it negatively affects RPO or RTO, this is a problem. Because in the end, no one cares if you can back up … they only care if you restore."

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