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Schulz: File sync and share can work as a data protection tool

An increasing number of backup administrators are using file sharing for backup, according to Terri McClure of Enterprise Strategy Group, and another analyst agrees that file sync and share services offer a unique data protection tool.

"File shares are great. What's the other word for file share? NAS [network attached storage].The key thing about file share and file sync or any of the different tools [for] putting data somewhere else is that file sync and share is a great way of copying data from one location to another, whether it's your desktop, work station, laptop, server or whatever," says Greg Schulz of StorageIO. "Do that sync. Do that copy, but that's not a replacement for backup if you're not protecting the destination. You've protected the client, the source, but you have to protect the destination, and more than RAID or replication."

Schulz says you have to go a step further than just using file sync and share. "You also have to have some versioning turned on in the destination. Wherever you are syncing to, copying or cloning to, that needs to have versioning enabled so you have different versions and different copies."

If you combine file sync and share with other data protection tools such as snapshots or replication, you will find yourself with an efficient and effective option for protecting data. "If you look at it that way, a file share in front of a data protection appliance is a very handy ingestion tool for data protection," Schulz says.

Making a simple copy of data from point A to point B, then adding different versions, and protecting the destination, is all you need to do, Schulz says. "You have a data protection solution, or at least the foundation that can be tied in," he says, adding that a varied data protection portfolio offers many options for protecting data in the office, in the home or anywhere in between.

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