Video: Tape backup systems economical for data retention

Vendors may be pushing shiny spinning disk as the product of choice for storing old data, but organizations should consider tape backup an economical solution when it comes to data protection.

Benjamin Woo, chief strategist at New York-based Neuralytix Inc., recently told an audience at Storage Decisions that tape backup systems can serve an organization's data retention needs.

"The gigabytes per square inch you can get off tape [are] still massively better than you're going to get anywhere else in terms of dollars," Woo said.

Woo points out that one storage method, Massive Array of Idle Disks, or MAID, isn't a good way to handle data storage when compared with tape.

"A good use for tape, for example, is where anybody thinks there's a good MAID opportunity. … I don't like that technology at all. I think it's a useless piece of technology because the data that you put on there should be destined for tape," Woo said. "If you're going to spin down that disk, [it] means you don't need that data for a while. If you don't need that data for a while, stick it off to tape."

Woo noted that along with the benefits of tape backup systems for data retention –  relying on a tape vaulting vendor like Iron Mountain means there's a clear chain of custody in the case of e-discovery, he said.

"What's the riskiest thing [for] an organization to do? It's to change a process. All IT people are focused around process. If we can make that process simple, repeatable, predictable and scalable, that's a great thing. And that's why tape persists today. Otherwise, we would have thrown out tape a long time ago… but tape persists today because the process works," Woo said.

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