Symantec NetBackup

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Symantec NetBackup (Veritas NetBackup) is a backup and recovery software suite designed for enterprise users. 

During a backup, the client sends data across the network to a NetBackup server, which uses policy to select the correct type of storage media. During a restore, the administrator can browse for which files and directories to recover and the NetBackup server will find them and restore them to the client. NetBackup offers deduplication, replication and snapshot sevices and can provide recovery from tape, disk, snapshot or the cloud, in a physical or virtual environment. The product offers support for both VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V

NetBackup is also available as a backup appliance. Launched in September 2010 with the NetBackup 5000 appliance, the current version includes Fibre Channel support, protects virtual and physical systems, removes the need for a separate master or media server and does source and target deduplication. As of August 2013, the appliance scales to 72 TB of usable capacity for non-deduplicated storage and 64 TB of deduplicated capacity. It can protect up to 4,800 virtual machines (VMs) in a single system and integrate with VMware vStorage APIs for Data Protection to perform direct vSphere backups.

NetBackup software first came into existence when the Chrysler Corporation contracted with Control Data Corporation to create a piece of backup software in 1987. Control Data named the product BackupPlus 1.0 in 1993, the same year in which OpenVision Technologies acquired the product. Four years later, in 1997, Veritas acquired OpenVision Technologies and the NetBackup product line. In 2004, Symantec acquired Veritas and NetBackup became a Symantec product. 

Today, NetBackup offers a variety of features which are designed to speed backup and recovery and integrate backup with additional processes. Symantec says that the NetBackup Accelerator, for example, is designed to reduce the time needed to complete a backup by eliminating the scan to determine file change percentages, maximizing client-side deduplication, and then building a full backup image. NetBackup Search, which the company says can search through an entire backup for any information needed for electronic discovery and compliance, places legal holds on the files to prevent expiration. 

This video from TrustMarqueTV demonstrates Symantec NetBackup's Replication Director feature. 

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